Dear President Putin

Like many Americans I am well disposed towards Russia. I have always favored the successful alliance against Nazi Germany, and though I regret the so-called cold war with Russia it was certainly far preferable to a hot war.

I believe too that as a Communist you would agree with me in regard to the distribution of wealth. For instead of favoring Ronald Reagan's tax breaks for the rich I see that it follows from the law of diminishing returns that taxation should be far more progressive. Though my wife and I started out without much money when I was a graduate student in philosophy, my kind of philosophy was so unfashionable that I was scared that I wouldn't become a professor and decided to make enough money from real estate to spend most of my time writing philosophy. However, though we started with only a down payment on a six unit brown shingled house near the Berkeley campus and made more money by furnishing the apartments and renting them to students, we were so much more successful than we expected that I now see that we should be paying a lot more in taxes, and that since we don't we should contribute to charitable causes. It is worth noting that though most Republicans are Christian they ignore Christ's doctrine of universal love in favor of preferential treatment of the rich.

I am particularly concerned with global warming. I published a book on the subject thirty-five years ago, but the threat is now so much more acute that it has become virtually impossible to deny that there is global warming or that it doesn't come from excess industrialization. Though Obama has taken a step in the right direction by backing a requirement for cars to consume less fuel, the problem is that company executives are only rewarded in terms of short term profits. There is also, however, the problem of over-population which bares on my defense of homosexuality.

It is important to add that I respect your level of intelligence. If it was instead on par with that of our former president Bush, it wouldn't be worth trying to get you to change your mind about homosexuality. I groaned when he observed with pride that he got Cs at Yale and was now president to the United States. My only doubt was that he even deserved to get Cs.