Published Papers

Unforeseeable Consequences
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Confirmability and Meaningfulness
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Rorty's Mark of the Mental and His Disappearance Theory
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Facts, Promising and Obligation
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Utilitarianism: The Classical Principle and the Average Principle
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Rorty's New Mark of the Mental
Publication: Analysis, v35 n6 (Jun., 1975): 192-194

Swinburne on Confirmability
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On Justifying Moral Judgments. By Lawrence C. Becker. Edited by Ted Honderich. New York: Humanities Press. 1973. Pp. 194
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Negative Utilitarianism: Not Dead Yet
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The Argument from Analogy Is Not an Argument for Other Minds
Publication: American Philosophical Quarterly, v14 n2 (Apr., 1977): 137-141

Foundations without Certainty
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Utilitarianism, Supererogation and Future Generations
Publication: Canadian Journal of Philosophy, v9 n3 (Sep., 1979): 461-466

Classical Utilitarianism and Parfit's Repugnant Conclusion: A Reply to McMahan
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Six Viewpoints for Assessing Egalitarian Distribution Schemes
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Review of Larry Temkin's Inequality
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Obligations to Future Generations
Publisher: Knapwell, Cambridge : White Horse Press, 1996.

Two Alternatives to the Economic Measurement of Utility
Publication: Journal of Value Inquiry, v45 n2 (2011 05 01): 169-173